House Refuse Recycling

House Refuse Recycling

House refuse recycling as the latest recovery mode, has also become one of the fastest growing markets, due to the shortage of natural resources and energy prices continue to rise.

On one side new products are made from daily waste we produce, best example here the recycling of PET bottles into yarns and fibres for the textile industry and on the other side refused products with good caloric values are turned into fuels for boilers, cement kilns, power plants and so on.House Refuse Recycling

Make house refuse into energy use, not only including plastic recycling, but also to other categories of high calorific value of materials such as wood, used as a fuel plants and animals waste and tyre, etc.  In this case the purpose of shredding the input material is to get a homogeneous mix, which is easier to handle, to store and to feed into the next step. For this kind of operation it is necessary that shredding is as efficient as possible so that the energy balance is right and the operation is economical. Because of that a shredder should always run on the biggest screen possible to get maximum output at rated current.

The biggest problem in such an energetic recycling is the high level of contaminants as the boilers usually don’t care about mineral and metallic particle. But for the lifetime of the cutting tools and the wear and tear of the shredder itself a clean as possible input material is necessary.

Against this problem, HARDEN design House Refuse Shredder, which just the right equipment to make your operation as profitable as possible. Our shredders are tough built and with a large range of machines and drive options we can achieve output capacities just as you require.

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