Applications of EPS Crushers

China Manufacturer Foam Grinders

SIEDON manufactures various sizes of foam grinders, fast food box grinders, foamed polystyrene (EPS) crusher. Applies to recycling of styrofoam packing material, insulation Board, KT plate, XPS extruded plates heating material, EPE Pearl cotton, EPP foams, and other EPS products. SIEDON can customize your foam grinder for your individual application. FF series high efficient foam …

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Recycling EPS FOAM with EPS crusher and compactor

Recycling EPS foam with EPS crusher and compactor can make your business much easier and economical. Used EPS, also called Styrofoam or expandable polystyrene foam, is light, hygienic and commonly used to pack food, drinks, fragile and deformable goods. Usually, EPS products are 98% air and only 2% PS. It has been a big environmental …

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