HARDEN Manufactures Various Sizes of Foam Grinders

Foam Grinders

Foam Grinders for Crushing Fast Food Box

HARDEN manufactures various sizes of foam grinders, fast food box grinders, foamed polystyrene (EPS) crusher. Applies to recycling of styrofoam packing material, insulation Board, KT plate, XPS extruded plates heating material, EPE Pearl cotton, EPP foams, and other EPS products.

This picture shows FF series foam grinder sold to Maldives.

foam grinders for crushing fast food box

foam grinders for crushing fast food box

This picture shows FF series foam grinder crushing fast food boxes.

FF series foam grinder crushing fast food box

HARDEN can customize your foam grinder for your individual application.

FF series high efficient foam grinder uses the advanced secondary crushing knife shaft, coarse and fine crushing at the same time, the pre-crushing knife set with automatic feeding function, and the second-crushing knife complete fine crushing work, which improving production efficiency greatly , the discharging particles continuously uniform in size 5mm.

Foam Grinder FF Series Features:

  • 1, II level crushing structure, improve productivity;
  • 2, The pre-crushing knife group with double shaft, has automatically feeding features;
  • 3, Discharging port used wind machine to reduce dust;
  • 4, Equiped with shock device to let running noise smaller;
  • 5, Knife group by special processing, improve using life;
  • 6, Coarse and fine curshing at the same time, particles small as to 5mm.

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How EPS Crusher Help you to save cost

How EPS Crusher Help you to save cost

HARDEN is a leading plastic recycling equipment supplier in China. They never stops developing a series of solid waste recycling products. EPS crusher was firstly and successfully developed by HARDEN for you to effectively recycle waste EPS, EPP, and XPS.

how eps crusher help you to save moneyHarden realizes that governments home and abroad pay more and more attention to environmental protection when doing market research. And EPS has been a big environmental problem due to the fact that the material is difficult to recycle and costly to transport. Moreover, there are few EPS recycling machine manufacturers in China. Therefore, Harden spent a lot of time and energy to make this new type of EPS crusher by means of rich experience in plastic recycling industry.

These machines use principle of shear type crushing. The most attractive feature is that to crush the EPS into homogeneous, consistently small sized particle output, instead of paying for landfill, these bits of EPS are later sent to EPS recyclers who use them as useful objects, for example, make them as animal bedding, insulation, filling material, thus saving a lot of costs and get profit. That is to say you can sell EPS particles and make money by the way of investing a small amount of money to own one machine. At the same time, it also can save nearly USD25000/year for garbage hauling and landfill.

EPS Crusher for making EPS Flake

EPS Crusher for making EPS Flake

EPS crusher is a eps recycling machine for crushing EPS into specify size.

EPS Crusher for making EPS Flake FS1300

EPS Crusher for making EPS Flake FS1300

HARDEN INDUSTRIES supplies different style of EPS crushers for your different applications.

EPS crusher can help you to crush EPS products, like EPS boxes, EPS cups,  EPS logs or EPS blocks into different small flakes, then to dispose them into a cost effective way. By recycling EPS foam, you make a valuable contribution toward a cleaner environment and give the EPS foam scrap a second life.

eps crusher for shredding eps flakes

Making EPS flakes

Why EPS Recycling is Important?

EPS is a versatile material, which is used for various purposes in diverse industries. Stretches to Expanded Polystyrene, EPS is a light yet strong material, used for the packaging of electronic goods and foods, production of toys, and in many other industries. In the construction industry, it is used for creating thermal insulation in building.

Expanded Polystyrene is a very polluting material, which is prepared from petroleum products, and is a non-sustainable and non-renewable commodity.

Considering the aforementioned instances of environmental impacts of EPS, it is becomes a necessity to lower its production, and use it smartly.

EPS Recycling

EPS, technically, is not a recyclable material, but it can be reshaped, repurposed and reused. At recycling plants, there are used different kinds of EPS recycling machines that prepare the waste to be reused as required by the industry clients.

EPS crusher is one of the best EPS recycling machines. Harden Industries can offer this kind of machine. EPS crusher is used to crush waste EPS to small pieces (25-50 mm). The EPS flakes can be reused for cushion application.

EPS Crusher

EPS Crusher

EPS particle

EPS Products and EPS Recycling

EPS products are widely used as packing material to protect goods from damage while in transit. There are four main types of EPS packaging materials that are commonly used.

1. Foam plates, cups and trays. These are made from expanded polystyrene foam in the same process that is used to make expanded polystyrene blocks.

2. EPS blocks – used in the shipment of large equipment such as computers and other household appliances.

3. EPS packing peanuts. Used in the shipment of small items as box packing fill.

4. EPS containers. Some supermarket packaging is made from polystyrene such as the small individual serving yogurt pots and some pre-packaged fruit or vegetable containers. These have #6 plastic number inside the chasing arrows recycling symbol stamped on the bottom of the container or pot.

EPS Recycling

Although the EPS used in meat trays cannot be recycled, the EPS used in shipping boxes, to protect the items inside, can be readily recycled.

The easiest way to recycle EPS is to either drop it off at a local recycling center or place it out for curbside pickup. Because polystyrene is so light, it is a fairly economical solution.

Another way is to recycle and reuse EPS yourself. The solutions, as in the case of recycling polystyrene, are not always easy. Therefore, it is necessary to depend on special polystyrene recycling equipment to recycle polystyrene.

Here I recommend one kind of EPS recycling machine: EPS crusher. EPS crusher is used to crush polystyrene package to small pieces (25-50 mm). The EPS flakes can be reused for cushion application.

EPS Crusher

EPS Crusher

EPS Flakes

Features of EPS Crusher

  • Designed for profitable recycling of polystyrene (EPS) waste.
  • Reduce the volume of foam waste by 2 to 3 times.
  • Low noise (max. 75db).
  • Dust free operation with two low speed shafts.
  • The granulated material can be discharged into a plastic bag or directly into underlying container.
  • Size of the output material can be varied with use of screens.

EPS Recycling System

Features of EPS recycling system

1. This EPS recycling system is suitable for scrap, waste or recycled materials from  EPS products manufacturing plant;

2.  EPS crusher crushes waste EPS to small pieces. After crushing, particle size is uniform, full and  less dust. Remolding into a variety of EPS products after mix with new particles;

EPS Crusher

EPS Crusher

3. Dust removal machine is designed to remove dust and particles from recycled materials;

4. Mixer will mix recycled materials removal of dust with new materials by a certain percentage;

5. Crusher, dust removal machine and mixer work together are complete EPS recycling system.

EPS Recycling System

EPS Recycling Is Big Business

EPS Recycling Is Big Business

EPS recycling is serious business! Most people never give waste EPS a thought beyond the time it takes them carry large quantities of waste EPS to landfill. But for many businesses and plastic machinery factories, EPS recycling is business for good profit.

EPS recycling is serious business.In a nutshell, EPS recycling is the industry which revolves around the collection, compaction, crushing and pelletizing, ranging from food container to insulation sheet. Developing effective EPS recycling strategies is critical for many recycling centers and factories of all sizes because waste EPS can develop into a major problem when not handled properly.

EPS recycling is a necessary part of green environment. EPS recycling is also a part of property maintenance. Sorting of waste EPS at the source is becoming more common due to financial reasons as well as government regulations. It is more expensive to process landfill waste, and authorities are demanding more precise sorting.

Proper EPS recycling often requires the use of specialized equipment. The main EPS recyclingEPS recycling equipment is EPS crusher, compactor. EPS crusher and compactor working together can suppliy a good solution for disposing EPS into small size prepare for different purpose such as remaking plastic pellets, building materials, faceplate, coat hanger, photo frame manufacturing, etc. They can handle EPS, EPP and XPS foam safely and reduce EPS volume by 30 to 50 times, thus help sea food processing plant, retail/wholesale centers, and electronic factories to save available space and save nearly USD25000/year for garbage hauling and landfill. Furthermore, the user could even earn extra cash by selling the compacted EPS blocks to profile, picture frame, coat hanger, etc. manufacturers.

So you see, there really is a basis for the old adage, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”