SIEDON TECH supplies EPS/EPP/EPU foam crushing machines and waste compactor machines. By reducing th size of foam blocks, you can than easily reuse the material by either compacting it, melt it, or use it as cushion fillers in packaging.

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  • Offer 1 Years of Warranty
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Stable Quality

High quality alloy cutting knives, strong impact resistant, can be used to cut metal and never fractured. The rotor knives can be repaired by welding and polishing technology, available for repeat repairing, greatly reducing the maintenance cost.

PLC automatic control

System and feeding control by Siemens PLC; Central lubrication system with PLC automatic control

eps/xps compactor SP SERIES

High efficiency

It can compress bulky foam waste EPS extremely efficiently, reduce EPS boxes volume by 40 times.

Pre-shredded System

The Pre-shredding system can crush the eps blocks easily. It installed the cooling device and specially designed auger to avoid EPS melting during compaction.

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